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School exams were postponed until next week, charities distributed water to homeless people and sales of fans quadrupled. Highs of 37C to 40C were forecast across the north and centre, including in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan and Turin, with several Italian cities expected to set new records for the highest ever June temperatures. Animal protection groups also warned pet owners to avoid leaving dogs or cats in cars unattended. The heatwave comes after storms and record rainfall caused major problems in parts of Bavaria this weekend, with the Munich fire brigade called out 50 times and flights into and out of Munich airport suspended on Saturday evening.

A number of all-time highs were likely to be recorded, it said.

Hell's Gate National Park

Even Scandinavia looks unlikely to be spared, with parts of southern Denmark and Sweden predicted to reach 30C by Tuesday — and to feel more like a thoroughly un-Scandinavian 35C, the Danish broadcaster TV2 said. Longer range weather forecasts show summer temperatures throughout July and August are expected to be higher than normal this year, rivalling those of , which according to the European Environment Agency was one of the three warmest years on record on the continent. Maschinengewehr Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. It's a rain forest Jerry Fletcher Zobacz profil Zobacz posty.

Around noon start to build a frame with a roof. After that you build a fire under that said roof you can save the game there too.

At the roof, not the fire! And add one of those little tent like shelters made from sticks, ropes and leaves to sleep and to save too. With the fire nearby you can sleep there most of the time without getting worms.

Ostatnio edytowany przez: Jerry Fletcher ; 21 grudnia o Paldanari Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. I had it rain for 10 solid days when I was in the cocaine camp.

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I saved and reloaded and it quit for awhile. MV-Play Zobacz profil Zobacz posty.

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Rainy days are a good moment to fill up your coconuts. In the dry season it can stop raining for long periods!

If you don't want to build a frame, you can build a smoker bamboo only? It used to work, don't know if it still works. Also, while water catchers and filters may seem redundant they will not be.

It Never Rains In Hell – Athens Now Alabama

And the bidens are not just for soup. Trying not to spoil too much but think longterm. Creepy Jaw modified the weather around Sept to bring more realism and challenges that supports the real Amazonian weather that has only 2 seasons wet and dry, unlike most of the rest of us we have 4. Prepare for dry spell now.

But there is plenty of water around you can boil up during dry season until you find the water collector. The abandoned drug processing facility is at 51'W 28'S - You'll find the Water collector, and many other good stuff.