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Raccoon eyes Angela M. Chest pain and a confounding electrocardiogram pattern William J.

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Eye pain in a contact lens wearer Chris S. Heel pain following a fall David F. Ku and Anthony J. Skin lesion in a heroin addict Christopher P. Holstege and Alexander B. Young athlete with back pain Edward G.

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Skin lesions in a comatose patient Christopher P. Chest pain with sudden cardiac death William J. Fall on an outstretched hand with wrist pain William J. Necrotic skin lesion David A. Chemical eye exposure Chris S. Hand pain after striking a wall William J. Dyspnea in an alcoholic Anthony J. Slash wound to the neck Kevin S. Foot pain following breaking Munish Goyal. Confluent rash in a child Sarah G. Lost in the cold Adam K.

Rowden and Christopher P. Bradycardia following an herbal ingestion Alexander B. Abdominal pain in an alcoholic Angela M. Pain out of proportion to examination Adam K. Pleuritic chest pain in a young adult male William J. Eye pain following a bar fight Chris S. Forearm fracture after falling Alexander B. An elderly woman with groin pain Brendan E. Painful facial rash Chris S. Confusion, anemia, and abdominal pain in a toddler Alexander B. Cardiotoxic effects following caustic ingestion Alexander B. Rash and joint pain in a child Mara Becker.

X-ray findings after laparoscopy Munish Goyal. Injector injury to the hand Tracy H. Chest pain in a middle-aged male patient with ST segment elevation William J. Deformed globe following trauma Joseph Robson and Worth W. Adult male with atraumatic lower back pain and leg weakness William J.

Fever and rash in a child David L. Yellow eyes and skin Jane M. Fishing in the stomach Christopher P. Agitation in a botanist Alexander B. Skin target lesion Mara Becker. Adult male with a sudden, severe headache Andrew L. Homer and William J. Get them undressed Munish Goyal. Chest pain and subtle ST segment elevation William J. Fluid in my eye Chris S. Coma following head trauma Andrew L. Blue hue following endoscopy Andrew L. Homer and Christopher P. Shoulder pain following direct blow David F.

An overdose of prenatal vitamins Christopher P. Holstege and Adam K. Lamp oil ingestion David L.

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Diffuse ankle pain following a fall Andrew D. Emergency department drop-off Tracy H. Weakness and bradycardia in an elderly female patient William J. Blurred vision following yard work Allyson Kreshak. A gagging child Maureen Chase and Worth W. A child with bruises of different ages David L. Traumatic eye pain and proptosis Chris S. Post-prandial abdominal pain in an elderly woman Hoi Lee.

Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (2nd ed.)

Hyperthermia, tachycardia, and confusion in a teenager Alexander B. Acute onset double vision Chris S. Ankle pain and inability to walk Christopher T. Tongue swelling in a hypertensive female Kevin S. Wide complex tachycardia in an older male patient William J. Foot pain in a gymnast Hoi Lee. New facial droop Andrew D. Perron and Christopher T, Bowe. Eye pain and swelling Adam K. Brady, MD;. Speed and accuracy of diagnosis is the key to saving lives in emergency and critical care medicine.

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Careful visual inspection of the patient, the data radiography, electrocardiogram , and related clues can often help providers choose the right diagnosis and ultimately the best treatment — but this knowledge comes with experience. Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine , 2nd Edition provides randomly presented visual diagnosis cases for self-testing, imitating real-life situations found in the emergency department setting. He gave clear and concise instructions to resolve my issue in a timely manner.

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Rajkumar MD and James H. Borek MD and Christopher P. Homer MD and William J. Perron MD and Christopher T.

Journal of Emergency, Critical Care and Diagnostic Management

Brady MD and Kevin S. Du kanske gillar.

Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. Civilized to Death Christopher Ryan Inbunden.