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He walks down a hill into Harlem, crossing streets before arriving at the Harlem branch of the Y. He takes the elevator up to his room, which is where he is writing this page. The speaker writes that at his young age, it is hard to know what is true for "you or me.

He likes to eat, drink, sleep, be in love, work, read, learn, and "understand life. Just because he is "colored" does not mean he does not like the same things that people of other races like.

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He wonders if his page will be "colored" because it is his and he is not white. The speaker writes that his page will be a part of his white instructor and a part of himself, since he is a part of the instructor — "That's American.

They learn from each other, even though the instructor is older, white, and "somewhat more free. He wrote it in , the evening of his career, and it addresses one of his most ubiquitous themes — the American Dream.

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He lists the schools he has gone to and explains that he is currently a student in New York he probably attends Columbia University or City College of New York. As he walks home, he realizes that he is the only "colored" student in his class. This was a common occurrence during the Jim Crow era, because African Americans had more difficulty gaining entrance into elite schools than their white peers.

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  3. A Literary Biography of Robin Blaser.

On his page, the speaker begins by expressing the his belief that it is hard to know what is true at such a young age. He identifies himself with Harlem, evoking the sounds and sights of the city, claiming to hear Harlem, and, in fact - all of New York. While he feels like an anomaly at school, he fits in within Harlem, which is where he is most content.


Through this poem, Langston Hughes asserts that there are multiple types of Americans, and there is no singular defining "American" experience. Black, white, young, old, oppressed, free — all can strive for a piece of the American Dream. Drawing on unpublished manuscripts, correspondence and interviews Nichols provides the first biography of this important American and Canadian poet.

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Essential reading. Until now, though, we have lacked someone to teach us how best to read his verse, how to find solid purchase on a body of work that is simultaneously mystical and rigorously philosophical, at once abstractly cerebral and powerfully sensual. Miriam Nichols proves more than up to the task.

His inspired aesthetic and philosophic charms resonate throughout this work. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors. Offers a new perspective on post-war North American poetry and poetics Provides revelations about the relationships between Robert Blaser and other key poets of the period like Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, and Charles Olson Includes archival material, unpublished poetry, and interviews see more benefits.

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