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Tale as old as time... Young performers shine at the Epsom playhouse!

Filled with quirky and lovable characters, this zany, heartfelt, and nostalgic musical is as delightful as the biggest, shiniest present under the tree on Christmas morning. All of the most beloved Dr. Seuss, from the Cat in the Hat to Gertrude McFuzz, the colorful characters will transport you to magical land and the invisible world of the Whos.

He then must protect this tiny civilization while also guarding an abandoned egg. As he faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping, and being put on trial, Horton never gives up and perseveres with the help of faithful friends. Synopsis — Next to Normal explores how one suburban household copes with crisis and mental illness. Dad's an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens, appearing to be a typical American family.

And yet their lives are anything but normal because the mother has been battling manic depression for 16 years. This beloved tale of secrets and the lies that secrets create, of unimaginable hope and unspoken passion, reminds us what it is to fall deeply, truly and completely in love. Nominated for five Tony Awards, Jane Eyre explores religion, sexuality and protofeminism, all while enchanting audiences with a timeless love story.

Jane's story begins in Gateshead, where she is in the unfortunate care of her cruel Aunt Sarah and cousin, John, as per her uncle's dying wish.

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The miserable young orphan is finally rescued when she is sent away to attend Lowood School for Girls. After six years, Jane leaves Lowood and is shortly after hired as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Both are looking for a future where they meet each other. A testament to the power of the imagination Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A Younger Theatre. A favourite at the BT following hit shows Northern Soul and Major Tom, Victoria Melody returns with her new show that looks at the secret roots of human hair. When Victoria competed in beauty pageants for Major Tom, a hairdresser advised she wear hair extensions. Providing astonishing insights into ethics, diverse cultures and the personal realities of the global economy. One of the most charming independent performance-makers in Britain. But the royals are out of cash, her helper is useless at spinning and the Prince just wants to be a shepherd.

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Everyone gets their threads in a twist and then Rumpel you-know-who steps in. Who is he, where does he come from and can they guess his real name before he gets them all in a spin? A woolly wonderland of a show brought to life with storytelling, music and puppetry. He estimates he has watched the film roughly times; spending almost a month of his 28 years sat in front of it. So he knows it fairly well. In many ways, Terminator 2 was his only guide through those troublesome teenage years.

  • Poetry Lessons.
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  • Remembering the High Street: A Nostalgic Look at Famous Names;
  • Using a blend of stand-up, storytelling and audience participation, Andy transports the audience back to that delicate age when girls were a mystery, make-believe was everything, and the future was yet to be written. An exciting, all-action, night-time performance — go with them if you want to live. Supported by The Marlborough Theatre.

    From what might be a news desk, an office, a bedroom, a bunker under a mountain or a theatre, two people speak up, speak out, blow the whistle and lift the veil on the insidious machine of surveillance. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is on benefits. In trying to justify his disability claim, Fyodor soon finds himself lost in the turbulent and strange world of The Idiot — his most autobiographical novel.

    Fish are starting to disappear from our rivers and seas. And how can one little girl help stop it? Masters of enchanting story-telling. The Skinny. Tina has made a religion out of being good. She takes herself to church, tries to become a princess and later an international athlete. She even trains to be the ideal girlfriend.

    But despite her efforts to be the best at everything, nothing quite goes to plan. Join Tina as she finds out how to survive when being good turns bad. A poet and performer of exceptional prowess. Daily Info. Everyone wants their dad to be a hero. But what happens when your heroes let you down? The year is and the eco-system is changing, but not for the better. Two scientists from either side of the Atlantic are thrown into a new kind of war that threatens to engulf the planet and tear their relationship apart.

    The Importance of Being Earnest - Thousand Islands Playhouse

    So they got together with their dads and had a proper conversation about the good times and the bad. And they filmed it. Whether your young actor is just starting out, or a more experienced performer, the Juniors camp offers a wild experience for everyone! This camp incorporates basic acting skills including projection, diction, theater vocabulary, and performance techniques into a rehearsal process for a musical. The rehearsal process allows all campers to learn and grow to their individual maximum potential, regardless of prior experience. The Academy is the perfect opportunity for dedicated performers to learn and hone their craft in an experience that includes professional training and mimics a professional rehearsal schedule. Students will hone their talents as actors, singers, and dancers, guided by professionals from the theatrical industry.

    All master classes and rehearsals are designed to help each young performer achieve at their maximum level. Girl power has never sounded so good! Box Office: Cash Bingo Win Big! Learn More. The Perfect Gift on sale now! Does your child sing, dance, or are they just plain silly? Do they like to paint, create outfits, or write stories? Then Millbrook Playhouse theatre education program would love to expose them to the joys of theatre.

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    The Millbrook Playhouse theater education program offers students a chance to explore their artistic abilities in all areas of the performing arts through workshops which include: Acting and Improvisation, Musical Theatre, and Creative Storytelling in a safe and fun environment. Our program also grants the opportunity, for those who would wish to remain off the stage, a taste in technical theatre artistry such as: Lighting Design, Costume Design, Carpentry, and Sound Design.

    We offer programs spanning pre-k to 12th grade, so whatever skill level your theatre artist is at, we have the program just for you. For more information, contact us via phone at , or email us at info millbrookplayhouse. Using the tools and skills taught through games and activities, campers will create an informal showcase to show off their new skills!