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So the only thi ng separating the front and back of the restaurant is a wall and a few hours' time. We would not purposely eat garbage because we know we will become sick from ingesting its poisons. Yet, we do eat garbage every time we eat without a thought for pH balance. A telltale sign of food corruption in the stomach is bad breath. But regular foods do not provide enough nutrients to maintain a continuous state of health.


They must be supplemented with stronger foods , or herbal foods , which constitute the second level of diet , or Tao of Forgotten Food Diet. Over the ages , Taoists thoroughly studied the he ali ng composition of herbs and became highly proficient at the use of herbs. For ex amp le , several thousand years ago , surgeons were able to anesthetize their pa tien ts for six hours w itl,t out side - effects just by using an h erb tea. S urgery was very popular at that time.

The surgeons often removed the organs of the patient, washed them in herbal solutions, and reorganized them inside the body. This practice eventually died out as these doctors came to realize that it was an inefficient and incomplete treatment for i l l nesses and that the final answer lay i n illness prevention. They realized th a t a ny i l l ness. The Academy of Sciences currently estimates that there are approximately one million plant varieties in the world.

As yet, only an insignificant portion has been examined by modem means of analysis.

The food we buy in the supermarket is the weakest food available. The selection there is very limited if one considers the varieties of food actually available in the world. God created leaves, branches, trunks, and roots for our consumption, but they were completely overlooked by most people. Called ''forgotten foods'' by Taoists, herbs were forgotten because they were eliminated from our ancestors' diets through a process of selection which, over the course of thousands of years, rejected foods that were unappealing to the eyes, nose, or mouth.

When man learned to cultivate his own food, he naturally chose to cultivate only those foods that appealed to his senses. As the say i ng goes, we are what we eat. If we eat stronger foods, we become stronger ourselves. If we eat better foods, our health improves. But, if we eat weak foods, we become more vulnerable to diseases. When we compare a magnolia tree to a bunch of celery, we will see that the tree is much stronger than the little clump of celery. Investigating further, we will find that the tree is of greater medicinal value than the celery. In fact, the various properties of the magnolia tree build up the stomach tissues and strengthen the female sexual organs.

Ginseng is another example of a strong food. It grows in cold and harsh mountainous regions, yet it can great vitality could do for your body. Please use discretion when ingesting ginseng. It must be balanced with other herbs, since it produces strong side-effects as survive for more than a thousand years. Imagine what such well as benefits. In sharp contrast, a carrot grows only in temperate climates and its lifespan is about three months. If you do not unearth it within three months, it will decay and disappear. Herbs give everlasting strength, whereas regular foods give only temporary strength.

The foods we commonly eat and love are also eaten and loved by the germs in our bodies. Th ey utilize this food organic or junk to maintain their lives just as we do.

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Fortunately, herbs do not nourish germs and human beings equally. Human beings, exercising their will power, are able to ingest sometimes distasteful herbs. Germs, not being blessed with will powe r , are simply repelled by herbs. When human blood is permeated with herbal nutri ent s, the germs i n the body will starve to death, and the human body wi ll be nat ural l y cleansed and purified.

The cleansing and purifying qual i ti es that allow herbs to last for years without rotting are the greatest benefits to be gained from herbal die ts Unlike the Tao of Revitalization, which is primarily a means for self-healing, the Tao of Healing Art is utilized for healing others. The Tao of Healing Art, also called Tui-Na, is basically a form of massage that fol lows the body ' s energy pathways, anatomically known as meridians, to regulate the body s vital functions.

By using the sixteen different handling or manipulating techniques of Tui-Na, one can also reposition disarranged internal organs.

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These can be any of the five fundamental elements: earth, metal , water, wood, or fire. Acupuncture needles used to channel energy into the body and moxibustion are two of the best known metal and fire mediums in the West. A cupuncture and moxibustion are derivations of Tui-Na principles and methods. For more information , please refer to The Great Tao, Chapter 5. In order to facilitate personal and working relationships and reduce stress , the ancient Taoists developed a collection of d iffe rent methods : I. Instinctive anticipation of forthcoming events is reflected in some of the I 08 locations of the face, constituting a recognizable warning system.

A complete knowledge of s uc h forces allows us to orient ourselves and our bel ong ings in ways compatible with the electromagnetic influences, in order to live i n harm ony with the laws of nature and facilitate obtai nment of goal s.

On the collective level , it can be used to reduce in fi ghting and promote the "chemistry" or cooperation between workers. It is used in modem Japan to organize working groups as well as coordinate the v ari ous departments of a company.

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Ayurvedic Massage: Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind

In the West, the awareness of th ese influences is reflected in conversations about the "ambience" or the "morale" at working places. It can be used to condition , for instance, weather changes, business trends, self-defeating habits, etc. The ancient Tao i sts discovered analytical methods to study these forces, identified recogn iz ab le patterns of change, and system at i zed strategies of success to deal with these patterns. The Tao of Success helps you adjus t your everyday actions in accordance with the universal law , to make e v ery aspect of life more p le asant.

The study of symbols and signs th at represent the endless changes that occur throughout the universe. These ph eno m ena are governed by exact laws defined by physics, chemistry, biology, geometry, algebra, and other branches of mathematics. Each hexagram is composed of six lines, each of which represents a developing stage in individual or group tra n s act ion s.

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The Tao of Change is invaluable to those who wish to develop wealth , power, harmonious familial relations, social position, and foresight ful ly. The actual practice of forecasting events, known as the Space and Time 1-Ching System. Like Albert Einstein , the ancient Taoists understood that time was illusory. Like him, they studied situations in the space-time system. Thus, they arrived at a means for interpreting events occurring within our time concept. The Eight Pillars of Taoism cover every aspect of our daily existence.

They were designed to c omple te l y satisfy our basic physical needs in a manner that allows us to reali ze our full potential as human beings. Then may we leap beyond the degenerati ng aspect of time , to live with the Tao, or God. Thus Chi in the periphery envelops heaven and earth. Chi in the interior activates them. The source wherefrom the sun, moon, and stars derive their light, the thunder, rain, wind and cloud their being, the four seasons and the myriad things their birth, growth, gathering and storing: all this is brought about by Chi.

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  6. Man's possession of life is completely dependent upon this Chi. Nei Ching The ancient Taoist texts , expounding on the basic theories that energy supported all life and matter in the cosmos, were written to convey basic scientific principles in a style that attracted the attention of even those who were not inclined toward a serious study of science. This is not to imply that the barr iers between the arti stic scientific, and practical ways of life were as , The Energy Theory distinct and offered such a marked degree of specialization as are those characterizing modem civilization.

    The integrated man, as he existed in ancient China, was one who constantly strove to maintain a balance between the various modes of life-the artistic , the scientific, and the practical. It was no great effort for the scientist to record his observations in a style that today would be called ''poetic ' ' in form-it came to him naturally. That scientific principles could be conveyed in such imaginative form attests to the unification of art and science which typifies the Golden Age of Chinese civilization. It may well be that because the basic principles of Taoism are poetically stated , many modem scientists choose to reject them , avowing them to be "unscientific", "purely philosophical" , "mystical", and "primitive".

    But the rejection of traditional principles on these grounds , far from indicating a greater degree of objective awareness on the part of the modem day men of sc ien ce , suggests instead a growing gap between science and the true art of living' '.

    How & When to Perform Self-Massage for Sciatica & or Piriformis Syndrome

    The principles of Taoism and the Internal Exercise system as they have come down through the ages are just as applicable today as they were in the past , but they must be interpreted through a proper understanding of the poeti c form that has enshrined and carried them through the ages.

    Many people plausibly substitute the word life for the word energy, since the essential difference between the two words is so subtle that it eludes all but the semanticist. Each term is vital to developing an accurate understanding of the energy theory as it applies to the body. For all practical purposes , it can be stated that life is an indication of energy within the body. All that comes to mind on hearing the word life-breathing, talkin g , sleeping , eating , even the ability to read , think, and hear-all these can be achieved only because of the energy within the body.