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Author Straka takes the opportunity to say a good word for the Christian faith now and then. Enjoyable reading, highly recommended.

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A Night Falconer is installment number four. This time out, Frank finds himself leaving his current natural environment to return temporarily to a former one — Manhattan, where he once was a cop. The residents of a luxury condo are losing their pets, and one of them — an assertive woman doctor — is convinced her cat was killed by a Great Horned Owl. Not only that, but she thinks she saw a falconer carrying the owl, running off in the darkness.

Crime mixed with falconry? What they discover is much bigger and even stranger than the idea of someone hunting in Central Park with an owl. The plot seemed to resolve itself unnecessarily rapidly at the end. As usual, no foul language, only muted violence, and the sex happens offstage the Christian morality of these books is generally admirable, though Frank seems to think sex before marriage is OK if the couple is engaged, which I consider debatable. He decides to look into it, and his dangerous, mysterious friend Jake Toronto wants to help.

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He was a friend too. But Frank is convinced something more is going on — someone much smarter, more devious, and more ruthless than a group of rednecks is planning an operation far bigger than officials suspect. A Cold Quarry was an enjoyable read, which I can pretty much recommend without reservation. Not only is the writing good and the language clean, but the morality is generally good.

And author Straka finds several opportunities to make positive references to the Bible and Christianity. These books are just the kind of Christian literature a lot of us have been begging for. In the second book of the very promising Frank Pavlicek detective series, A Killing Sky , set in the Charlottesville area, Frank is hired as an investigator by the daughter of a shady Virginia congressman.

What really troubles her is that the girl had been investigating her own father, some of whose activities have been shady — to say nothing of his serial womanizing and a possible hit and run killing. This book is absolutely gorgeous.

A Witness Above

I was a pretty casual fan of Jeff Buckley's before reading the book, and knew a little bit of his story, but this gives so much insight into his character and life that I couldn't help but dive into his full catalog more thoroughly. I love the choice to use two different artists! The two different styles allow for additional depth and richness of storytelling.

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I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone, whether or not they're familiar with Jeff Buckley's music. Marti F, Reviewer. For anyone who loves Jeff Buckley, this graphic novel is a must. The structure and the images are beautiful, and I found the story entertaining. It was just perfect.

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Tahlia G, Reviewer. Therefore, I already knew some details about his life, but was eager to learn more. This graphic novel confirmed everything that I thought I knew about Jeff Buckley.

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He was a kind hearted soul that was desperately trying to find his voice through his music. We see him struggling with the comparison to his father, who had also been a well known singer, who Jeff only met once before Tim Buckley died at 28 years old, with Jeff even being invited to perform at a tribute concert. Then when his undeniable talent is finally realised, he has to battle record labels to make sure he keeps the integrity, originality and ownership of his music.

Because his music was so much more than just music, it was him! It was so great to read and it gave the songs such a deeper meaning! And I really enjoyed how the song lyrics were weaved into the artwork in order to make it explicitly clear, which songs stemmed from which experiences. I even found myself humming some of the songs as I figured out what influenced them, it was such a lovely experience!

Andy Straka

His music touched a lot of people and so I adored the inclusion of how he influenced one particular guy, it was very heart warming. There are some photographs in the back of the novel, of Jeff and those he was closest to, which was also a really nice touch! Martha B, Librarian. Jacob O, Reviewer.

For fans of Jeff Buckley, Grace is an essential read. This graphic novel details his early years getting started in the music business, leading to his meteoric rise to stardom and his eventual death. He was a fascinating guy filled with passion and so much drive that it left him in doubt about his future as a musician. He was an artist who refused to compromise his artistic vision when many wanted his focus to be on selling records quickly. He took his time, wrote his songs, and the world came around to understanding his genius.

He was still new to the scene and seeing his passion illustrated so vividly shows how much more he could have given to the world.

The art style combines multiple forms, switching between realism and a cartoon feel. At times, we get hyper-realistic full page panels that beautifully illustrate the strong emotions that controlled his life. The lack of color makes the focus on Buckley himself and not on the settings.

Overall, Grace is a wonderful tribute to an extremely talented musician. Sunny C, Librarian. I've enjoyed Jeff Buckley's music for a long time and I knew he had died young but I didn't know many details. The main thing I would recommend for readers is to make sure you have the music handy, you'll really ache for it.

The combination of his notebooks, the flashback, and the guy who was inspired by his music made for a really interesting way to unveil a life. Stephanie S, Educator. Every time I turned the paged I was in awe of the beautiful illustrations and coloring. I could feel Jeff's emotional highs and lows just by looking at the illustrations.

A book like Grace is not one I would normally pick up and read, but I could not put this story down. I can't wait to get this book into the hands of my musically gifted students! Allison D, Educator. I recommend it to everyone.

The Blue Hallelujah

I read Grace based on that book alone! The care the author pays to music and art is spectacular! Thank you Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review. Kaththea Azzurra R, Reviewer. I didn't know much about Jeff Buckley other than his tragic demise and the fact that he was an amazing musician, so this graphic novel was very much on point in delivering a compelling story. I really enjoyed getting to know more about this artist. All Praises…let the Heavens Sing!

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Our King! Ps , Ps , , ,, Rev Want to review or comment on this poem? Click here to login! Click here for your Membership! Either way, both are beautiful songs to listen to even with all the repetition. Nice that you picked up both spellings in your poem. Amen and Bless You too! Member BookAds. Reviewed by Ronald Hull.