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Because of the increasing use of technology in the classroom, ESL teachers need proficiency in computers and various classroom technologies. As with most teachers, teachers of English as a second language often spend nights and weekends grading papers, planning their lessons, conducting activities, and meeting with parents and other school faculty.

Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as Second/Foreign Language

Teachers of adult learners specifically may be required to teach classes outside of regular working hours, since adult students often work during the day. Education and training with a focus on teaching, linguistics, or second-language acquisition is preferred.

ESL degree programs include classes in subjects dealing with the history of the English language, the way that the language has changed and is still changing, and strategies on how to teach the language to people whose first language is not English. Other ESL degree coursework includes teaching reading and comprehension skills and successfully teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds. ESL programs also instruct students on how to integrate teaching English with other subjects, such as science, mathematics, and history.

Like all teachers, those who teach English as a second language should have good organizational skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and sound decision-making skills. ESL teachers who will be working with children should have patience and be able to remain calm and fair. A love of children and a nurturing personality may also be helpful. Answer : Requirements for teaching English abroad depend on the school hiring. A variety of new vocabulary can be introduced to students through songs Looking to boost student vocabulary with useful phrases, vocabulary and expressions?

Songs are almost always directed to the native-speaking population so they usually contain contemporary vocabulary, idioms and expressions. Songs are usually very easily obtainable Cibemba and Silozi non-withstanding, songs are usually not that difficult to obtain. Local sources may be available including the students themselves.

Songs can be selected to suit the needs and interests of the students In English especially, so many songs are available that selection of songs with suitable themes, levels and vocabulary is not at all difficult.

Education and Training Requirements to Become an ESL Teacher

Allowances can also be made for complexity or simplicity of language, depending on the students, by selecting and using suitable songs. Grammar and cultural aspects can be introduced through songs Most if not all songs have a recurring theme or story. So excerpting cultural elements is usually a possible, but often overlooked aspect of using songs.

He uses spoken contractions is virtually every line of the song.

10 Best ESL Games for English Teachers Abroad

Time length is easily controlled Whether you have an hour, 30 minutes, or only 15 minutes or so, a song can be used in the course of a planned lesson. Use of songs is very flexible. Students can experience a wide range of accents A good thing about songs is that you can expose the students to many different kinds of English. Accents too are well represented by songs from different regions and in a variety of types and formats. Fun, even silly songs abound in English. Some singers actually made a career out of them. Ray Stevens, anyone? They make offbeat, fun changes of pace with classroom use.

These are only some of the many reasons songs are useful in the language learning classroom. They contain authentic language, are easily obtainable, provide vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects and are fun for the students.

Teaching English as a second or foreign language - Wikipedia

They provide enjoyable speaking, listening, vocabulary and language practice both in and out of the classroom. So EFL, English as a foreign language, ESL, English as a Second language and foreign language teachers should all consider using songs as a regular part of their classroom activities. You will then receive a strong set of guidelines and advice for how to manage a classroom and hold tests that meet required standards of validity and reliability. The ability to teach this language will not only be a major career boost for yourself, but also a meaningful contribution to the lives of so many others.

Students everywhere want to start their journey into the English-speaking world, and by taking this course you can help get them there. So use the motivation that got you this far and keep going! After completing this course you will be able to: - Describe adult learning theories and utilise these theories in an ESL lesson; - Explain and utilise language teaching methods in ESL instruction; - Describe the five stages of Second Language Acquisition and facilitate these stages in ESL lessons; - Explain and employ ESL classroom management strategies; - Create effective ESL lesson plans; - Deliver ESL grammar lessons that meet the needs of ESL learners; - Create effective assessments that meet required standards of validity and reliability;.

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