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It serves to bring the audience into the story and let it in on secrets that the rest of the characters in the play may not know. After completing Hamlet , Shakespeare adopted a more centered, swift, distinct, and non-repetitive writing style. He began to use more run-on lines, uneven pauses and stops, and excessive alterations in sentence length and structure. Shakespeare wrote about people who seemed real instead of using stock characters as was common in the theater during his days and in the generations that came before it.

This literary device allowed him to make characters like MacBeth or Hamlet sympathetic even though they did some terrible things throughout the course of the play. It is because the Bard made them seem real and human, but flawed that he was able to do this. This influence can be seen in works from the 20th and 21st centuries in both movies and plays by writers like Sam Shepard or Arthur Miller. At this point in his life around , he favored a more theatrical structure, such as changing between comedy and tragedy to increase suspense.

He expanded minor characters and developed sub-plots to amplify the story. Shakespeare also associated various poetic styles to different characters, occasionally evolving the style as the character developed. William Shakespeare was the most influential writer of all-time, bringing a lyrical element to plays about great kings and poor paupers alike.

Comedies, Romances, and Shakespeare's Heroines: Crash Course Theater #16

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The early plays

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Background Information The playwright, poet, and actor, William Shakespeare, was born in Elizabethan England in the 16th century. Iambic Pentameter Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter. Depth of Character Shakespeare wrote about people who seemed real instead of using stock characters as was common in the theater during his days and in the generations that came before it.

Conclusion William Shakespeare was the most influential writer of all-time, bringing a lyrical element to plays about great kings and poor paupers alike.

The early romantic comedies

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