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I decided to quit a few months ago but postponed it, now a little over a week into sobriety and honestly it feels wonderful. Other times when I had to quit for various reasons I could barely sleep and once I did I had the most horrifying dreams. I dream of feeling strong and confident. Helping people, falling in love, seizing the day etc. I even have about 4 grams of kush which I bought for my brother who uses it medically, have not even been close to smoking it even though I could.

I found a piece of good hash on the floor while cleaning and I thought about how that would feel like Christmas to a kid a short while ago. Before smoking I used to run long distances for fun, I was one of the strongest runners I ever knew as a teen. Now I finally picked that up in a serious way.

First attempt I barely made 2 km. Second try I did 3 km and could hardly believe it.

Stolen Child

Third time I ran I went over 10 km. I cannot recommend this enough. Go outside, expose yourself to the elements and push your limits. The high I felt after running 10k is something weed will never come close to. I was laughing out loud to myself for the rest of the day even though I could hardly move an inch from exhaustion. In a week. Breathing heavy speeds up the cleansing of the lungs, getting the blood flowing makes you look and feel alive.

Running has been the key for me no doubt, it could be for you too. Hi all, your comments have been really helpful for me. I just feel lost and really low…any tips on anything you have tried in the first few days that can help fill the void? Kids are in bed so I need something to help me in that time of being alone that can also help me destress…. Its tough your gunna feel edgy, short of patience, maybe even depressed..

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You have to have a reason to quit or else your just gunna smoke again. Hi my names necole. My parents found out when I was smoking when I was It has caused a lot of problems with my parents. We constantly fight all the time. Which sucks. But everytime I try to stop I hop right back. I bought some yesterday. I really need someone to stick by my side and do this together. I want to keep this going. I just want to put the weed down and build a better relationship with my parents.

If anyone wants to talk and go through this journey together please email me I need all the help I can get. It still makes me cry every single day.

Stop Smoking 52 Brilliant Ideas for Kicking the Habit for Good - video dailymotion

I smoked joints every day for 20 years I even lived in Amsterdam for 5 years working there. But you know what I did it. Now that makes me cry every day. I promise all of you stick in fight it every day tell it to go to hell every day and you will get there you will I promise you I did it.

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  5. Love to you all. Stephen, England. I have 3 young kids and I want to get better for them and stop bring dependant on a drug I see in my old age howuch KT has affected my whole life n how gradually I built up my dependency.

    Running, Eating, Reading, Ranting, Cats & The Black Dog.

    Quitting smoking in Canada. It worked for a bit an is now an extension of who I am.

    This is mind and life crippling stuff they give people. I could easily justify smoking on and on. I have severe osteoarthritis and a thrashed right knee. I can either afford to own a car OR smoke. My weed costs kept me from fully insuring my car. I bought a granny trike. I can let myself have something after meals only.

    Stop Smoking (52 Brilliant Ideas)

    I know. Half of you are probably on the floor laughing at me knowing this will not work. I was here in April. Bragging about how easy it is to quit once your eyes have been opened. Then reality happened. I got off work and my mind would be racing. I would be highly emotional with a mixture of pride and shame over all the little things that happened during the day. I never got to relax.

    I started smoking weed again to cope. I was very important to the kids, otherwise I would have just quit and go hang with Ashley in Spain, but I had to just get through spring without crumbling completely. When I finally got my vacation I locked myself in alone with a huge amount of weed and hash. I honestly needed to shut down and reboot. First step is to work out daily which I always did before I started smoking, so when I finally go cold turkey and face that initial rough withdrawal I will at least be physically fit.

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    Today I put on a backpack and ran to the nearest swimming facility. Already tired from the run i swam 1 km and had a long Sauna. Feels so good to get the blood pumping, for a while I feel completely human and forget that last night I was high by myself as usual like some weirdo. I was feeling ok out around town but going home scared me. I pondered trying to pick up a random girl for a minute.

    Look up and right there is a super fine chick looking firmly at me. The girl had dreadlocks and piercings though so I thought that I better stay away. Sat on a bench in town for a long while. Just make sure you enjoy this last one then! Got home around Maybe just 1 puny half bowl at the end. This way the withdrawals should be minimal. I roll up and set the L by my ashtray. I just specifically and explicitly want to NOT be high.

    If I have something I would smoke.

    Tips to Stop Smoking

    Immediately if there was no exceptional reason not to. I so regret buying that bag. Not the same day I bought some prime kush.