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Saddle River SB's distinctive sound have made them a distinct act in the Canadian East Coast folk and bluegrass scene. Where most Bluegrass bands show a marked influence from commercial and traditional bluegrass and country music recordings and culture from the last 80 years, Saddle River's gumbo of North Americana folk music is hinged particularly on pre-war blues and old-time music styles.

Tom DesRoches had a long career as a professional musician playing in country and rock bands all over PEI. Elements of these bands and a burgeoning interest in roots music, spurned on by early s pre-war blues revival and a bluegrass and old-time renaissance, coupled with the group's love for the music of Neil Young , Bob Dylan , Steve Earle created the Saddle River sound.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The OES is committed to the rebuilding of Kin Race Track and the ongoing use of the facility for all equestrian activities for future generations to enjoy. We recognize. A big thank you goes out to all of our generous donors and supporters.

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Forms are available on our website. A soothing combination of natural essential oils in a gentle cream base. Dynamint is a natural product that has a cooling effect, it calms tired, sore muscles and rejuvenates horses keeping them feeling their best. I use Dynamint on my horses and myself. The results I have experienced have not been matched by any other product in the market.

Your horse will thank you! One of the last pictures I have of Carlotta, taken days before her uterine torsion. Photo by Kristina Belkina. She spooked, she bucked and she baulked like crazy. I was about 13 years old and fell instantly head over heels for the little chestnut Arab mare! With her, it was love at first sight.

The next time I saw her, she was standing in her paddock with her bridle on and her bit tied with twine between her front legs and over her withers. It was pouring rain and I was there to try her out for lease. She was difficult and, quite frankly, borderline dangerous; but, for whatever reason, I was smitten!

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Over the next 16 years, Carlotta and I learned to look after each other. I learned how to fall off, how to recognize what happens just before I fall off and how to get back on, no matter how many times I fell off. She learned that no matter what she did, I would still love her, still look after her and still get back on. Somewhere amidst all that, we learned how to get along. She waited for me every day after school. It was a small price to pay for the company of such a great horse. I had other horses over the years and I loved them, too, but there was something different about my relationship with Carlotta.

Winning her trust was like winning the jackpot! Unfortunately, it also created a situation in which I compromised a lot in order to keep her happy. I often wonder, if I could go back in time with the knowledge, skill and understanding I have now, could we have developed a healthier relationship? One without all the time limits and co-dependent imbalances? In June of , she was in foal to my stallion with her second filly,.

This meant she basically had a severe colic-like twist in her reproductive organs. Though Carlotta made it through the surgeries, she never fully recovered. It came as a bit of a surprise when I discovered that a quirky little mustang would steal my heart only a few years later.

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Working with a horse who carries the kind of baggage that both Carlotta and Cisco have carried requires a huge amount of understanding, compassion and perseverance. I must stay sensitive to his perspective and his level of trust so as not to damage his feeling of security, while remaining aware of where I could be making compromises that could ultimately be damaging to our relationship. Each and every horse is different and, of course, each and every relationship between a person and a horse is unique; but, sometimes, it seems the more head over heels we are about a horse we care about, the harder it is to clearly see where we might be falling short and provide the solid foundation needed to give the horse.

Photo by Zahra Miremadi.

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  • It can be hard to see the bigger picture when we are lost in the emotions created by such a powerful relationship, especially if the horse came with baggage we may need to overcome. Christa Miremadi has been working with horses since , and is a partner and facility manager in her family business in Langley, Silver Star Stables, where she also provides riding instruction and conducts horsemanship clinics. This event also honoured the long tradition of horse racing in Canada as the industry celebrates its th anniversary this year. His talk was followed by the presentation of the Thoroughbred awards announcing the champions of A spring and summer meet at Northlands in Edmonton is to be followed by a fall meet from September 23 to November 5 at Century Casino in Balzac.

    The C. Trail Walk to Improve Your Horsemanship By Glenn Stewart It seems like not too many people have heard of trail walks with their horses, but we like to do it here at the Horse Ranch often throughout the camps in the summer. It is a very enjoyable way to develop a horse. It gives the horse and the person a chance to get out of the corral and test some of the stuff they have been working on in the corral. Yes, believe it or not. So, one way of bridging the gap, whether it is a horse or human problem, is to do a trail walk.

    When we are out on the trails, we ask them to walk up and down hills at the speed of the person, stop on the hill if needed, and even back up and down the hills. In the corral, we practice sending them over poles and logs so that, out on the trail, we can send them jumping over windfall. The goal is to really check them out and to expose them to the bush and trails so they can become relaxed and thinking. We also have water holes that we send them through and a few man-made, scary-forthe-horse obstacles to use as well. At the same time, the humans get to work on the same thing.

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    It is very common to see people get very worked up, even when they are leading their horse through the trails. All you need to have is some bush and preferably some hills, then head out with your horse and have a play. Heading for the bush to play after you can do all the seven patterns with your horse is a great experience. I like to have the seven patterns established and working well in the corral before asking the horse to go on a trail walk.

    Try a trail walk with your horse. What is your dream with horses? Whatever your dream may be, if you have the horsemanship, you can live the dream. Join us at The Horse Ranch this summer and live the dream! Now accepting bookings for the summer horsemanship camps and High and Wild Adventure. Glenn offers year-round educational horsemanship programs at his facility near Fort Saint John, BC and is available to travel and conduct clinics. Long-term study and professional programs are now available.

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    For more information, visit www. The fall safety skills have been developed in consultation with doctors, scientists, jockeys, riders and industry professionals to minimize the risk of injury during a fall. Fall safety training provides a practical and effective solution to reduce injury risk. It is a known industry problem that the majority of serious injuries to horse riders are a result of falling from a horse. Following a review of fall and incident scenarios, several typical scenario types that horse riders may encounter have been identified. The training program is designed to prepare for these scenario types.

    It is conducted mostly outdoors on grass with equipment such as spring boards, vaulting boxes, foam shapes, crash mats, landing mats and tumbling mats. Gymnastics is a sport that requires good aesthetics eg. The conditioning, landing and tumbling skills that are taught in this program are tailored to maximize safety in various scenarios specifically related to horse riding; and protecting the rider from injury when dismounting, falling or being thrown from a horse.

    It is quite possible, if we get 60 riders over 2 to 3 locations, this clinic can be offered in BC. Many people end up breaking out the special saddle pads, cruppers and breastplates in an effort to keep their saddles in place. Most riders are aware that saddle trees come in narrow, medium or wide, but those designations can refer both to the width and the angle of the tree.

    This is irreversible long-term damage and can lead to persistent unsoundness and premature retirement. Think of two sliding doors. If they are properly aligned, one will slide freely past the other. If they are not, one door will jam into the other. As the horse moves, his shoulder rotates upward and backwards. If the tree angle does not match the angle of the shoulder, it will be unable to rotate freely under the saddle, compromising movement, sometimes severely. At the very least, a saddle with a tree angle that is not adjusted correctly is extremely uncomfortable; at worst, it can lead to irreversible long-term damage.

    Checking Tree Angle To determine if the tree angle on the saddle is correct for the horse, put the saddle on without a saddle pad.

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    If it does, the angle of the tree is correctly adjusted. The 3 diagrams in the left column illustrate identical tree angles with various tree widths. The right-hand column illustrates identical tree widths with different tree angles. Place a pencil or other straight object as shown on the shoulder and a second straight object along the piping of the saddle panel to ensure these are parallel.