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I would have never guessed that the yellow, red, and blue pieces of glass signified peace, love, and tranquility.

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I also thought the carved piece of granite disguising "Mo's" name was quite creative. The view of the bay from the seawall looks impressive as well. This park certainly seems like somewhere my lover and I can get away, relax, and enjoy the beautiful bay. Since Harper is probably the only park critic in the nation, I will take his word for it and believe that this park deserves four palm trees out of five. By the pictures and description, I am convinced this is somewhere I would like to visit.

Thank you, Biscayne Times. Sofia G. Barry's guitar playing Barry's exceptional relation with the guitar was the key to success.

Robin Gibb - IMDb

Thank goodness that army guy that taught him how to play, taught him to tune and play in dropped D tuning. This way, finger settings for chords are in general, more simplified and you sound differently from all other bands. But the major bonus was, he was taught a full pallet, the full scope of all delicate, rare and great sounding chords. If you read in the Beatles bio, they searched for people on the streets to expand their guitar knowledge and worshipped the guy that showed them the pretty mainstream C7 chord. While Barry from day 1 organically tried to incorporate also diminished chords and maj7, minor6 and "plain 6" chords, building melodies around them, which made the Bee Gees songs stand out.

If you play the classical way on guitar, it usually takes you a considerable amount of time and knowledge to play like Barry did from the beginning on. It's interesting to see, when they filmed the development of "Just In Case", Maurice takes lead in suggesting the way it should go in the end, on keyboard, while Barry tries a fuller scope on guitar, not wanting to exclude possibilities too quickly for a grand finale.

The point is, in the end it pays off to let Barry try and toy around some more. Cause the spectrum of his chords on guitar is wider than Maurice could match on his keyboard, there is evidence for that. Juan, perea home. Hi Marion There's a brief bio on my website with some historical pics and info about the making of my album. I love the feeling music brings to my life. The selection of Bee Gee pics on my site are some that probably haven't been seen by many people.

They come from an interesting period in the Bee Gees career and although it has been well documented as a rather "topsy turvy" period for them, it was still an amazing and creative time. They returned to Australia for their first tour after having left in and the concerts were incredible for the Australian audiences and the group.

To walk out on stage and be able to play such a string of international hits was amazing, it showed the true artistic talent the brothers had as songwriters and performers. It was also during the '71, '72 period that the Bee Gees had their first number one single in the USA "How can you mend a broken heart" and that was another amazing experience and time for them. I'm glad I've been able to share some of my pics from that era, it truly was a magical time for the Bee Gees, but the best was yet to come.

Matt Bonelli. Geoff Bridgford still loving music.

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FrontCover "Another World". There's someone who recently wrote me the following: 'My mom was in the music business for years in the She has lots of memorabilia for lots of music artist. I would like to see that the jacket goes to some real Bee Gees fan.

This jacket is in mint condition. It has been stored for many years. I have no clue as to the value so to anyone interested: I will except the Best Offer'. Bee Gees collectors who are interested can mail me at: marion brothersgibb. Recently several fans asked me to post some information about The Gibb Family Foundation. So I got in touch with Beverly Burke. Beverly Burke: 'The Foundation is still in existence and still at the same place as it's always been Dade Community Foundation which has now been re-named as The Miami Foundation. There is not a website for the Gibb Family Foundation. We tend to use February in order to honor them both.

The Miami Foundation formerly The Dade Community Foundation has over-seen and run the day to day operations of the Gibb Family Foundation since it's inception, shortly after Andy's death in They handle all of the donations and disbursements for the Foundation. Shortly after Maurice's death, we met with Barry and Yvonne to discuss changing the name to encompass Maurice as well, we all decided on The Gibb Family Foundation.

Though we are not actively fundraising at the moment, the foundation is open and accepts donations from all over the world.

ROBIN GIBB Interview 1969

Hi, Many years ago my mother was a photographer and did many weddings in her career. The shop was called BB Studios and Bridlewear. After the event she told me she had photographed the wedding of a cousin of the Bee Gees and that Barry Gibb who was then my heart throb his posters decorated my bedroom from the age of eleven was there and she photographed him with all the family.

As you can imagine my heart broke when she told me. I was so disappointed and hurt the fact that she did not trust me and didn't take me along to help and arrange the brides dress for the photographs as she had done many times before. I will never forget just how close I was of meeting the man of my dreams at the tender age of, if I remember correctly 13 years. Although I can't remember the exact date. The hurt and disappointment has always stayed with me, daft I know! The negatives were sent to the family along with the wedding photographs so I wasn't even allowed a glimpse. Kind Regards, Susan.

Farewell to Robin Gibb

We will share videos,music,playful activities,memories and for sure our love for this timeless band!! All our love for the 4 Brothers Gibb!!!! Date:March 5th. We are hosting a Bee Gees tribute night on Saturday 26th February performed by a fantastic tribute act. Ricky Tomlinson will be hosting this event along with other special guests. Our website: www. I have wanted to come for ages, but have not been able to make it, here's hoping in Cheers Vince Vince Melouney.

The Netherlands is in our heart Vince Melouney: The ex Bee Gee is still performing and writing.

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Vince will be performing again September 11th. The first half of the show features songs from both the Bee Gees and The Aztecs, but done on acoustic guitar with a backing track. For the second half he will strap on the electric guitar and play some full throttle rock 'n roll. Vince recently played to people at Twin Towns and said he will be gigging his way back to Melbourne and heading off to Europe next year. Bee Gees in The Seventies A couple of years back Barry was interviewed on an episode of "The Sixties", a documentary on the artists and music of that decade. This year a similar show by the same team called "The Seventies" airs and Sept 4, the episode on and disco music was aired with Robin as one of the artists being interviewed.

After that the show bring up disco and Robin appears once more before they go on to interview Tina Charles. I was their label rep in Toronto for Polygram Inc. I'd be interested in having this chapter posted to The Bee Gees website and would love to hear any comments on my Facebook site for the book. The book is slated to be published in early Marion, My name is Craig Yeaman. I knocked on the door of one Betty Lawrie on Meadowpark Street in Glasgow one day, was welcomed in, made several visits back over the next few weeks, taught her the tenets of the LDS church and had the privilege of helping her join the church Betty was Marie Lawrie's mother Marie is known better to most of the world as Lulu!

I have some wonderful pictures of Lulu and her family I took at a Christmas celebration in the Lawrie home while I was in Scotland and some of those pictures include my friend Maurice Gibb, who was married to Lulu at the time. Unfortunately our schedules didn't quite match up and we missed getting to see her at the last minute. My family and I are and always have been huge Bee Gees fans which really took off for me when I had the great pleasure of meeting Maurice all those many years ago.