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No thongs are permitted. Competitors can compete in an off the racksuit.

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  2. Natural Contests - Bikini, Physique, Figure, and Bodybuilding.
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  4. And It Begins… My Transition from IFBB Pro Women’s Physique to Figure;

All swimsuits must be in good taste. Figure will not have a routine round.

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Competitors must wear high heels. Comparison Round — Two Piece Swimsuit: Competitors will be judged wearing a two-piece swimsuit and high heels The competitors will be brought back out in a group and directed to do quarter turns Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns. Competitors travel from around the country to compete in Ft. Wayne for this 1 day event.

It's time to shine and show off that hard body you've made! The Arts United Center packs the house for the premier evening event.

2018 IFBB Pro League Figure, Masters Figure, Men’s Physique and Masters Men’s Physique Results

A Top Notch performing arts center that truly puts you center stage for the judges. Our theme says it all. Our Sanction ID is: Registration will be at the Arts United Center main lobby. Competition Information Important Information for a successful competition.

Read more. Main St. And so I made the decision to transition back to the part of the sport that gave me my start — and original inspiration. Interestingly enough, I competed against TWO of those amazing women back in my figure days.



Latorya Watts in one of her first few shows in figure was in my class. But seeing her succeed as a friend has been even MORE of a proud spectacle for me. And in that same show was Candice Lewis, who I did go up against in the overall, and she took that title with her amazing shape and TINY waist.

I still want to bring down my body fat, and weight on the whole. The best stage weights for me tend to hang out around to for my frame.

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And I would like to hit that for my first show out of the gate. I have the kind of body where I lose inches first, while my weight stays pretty constant. My current plan is going to find me in the gym about 5 to 6 days a week, hitting cardio and weights, and focusing first on bringing up some lagging parts. What I plan to do over the next 8 weeks is a shoulder and hamstring specialization program.