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With the cooperation of David's first wife, along with numerous letters from David to Margaret and other family members, that prove their loving relations, David's sister reveals the real true story behind the movie -- that David and his father actually had a wonderful, loving rapport; that the atmosphere in their house was happy; that there is a history of chronic mental illness in the family; that David's current wife may be providing him with inappropriate amounts of medication in the interest of making his performances more "eccentric; " that David never broke clown performing the "Rach 3" as is claimed in the movie's pivotal scene -- and much more.

Margaret Helfgott, sister of the piano virtuoso David Helfgott, shines new light on the story behind the film that brought him into the public arena. Her story contests the ideas developed in the film Shine in a thought-provoking manner. Subject: Biography. He's one of the last of the great actors, like my father, and it was wonderful to share the screen with him.

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Many of actress Lynn Redgrave 's scenes were shared with actor Geoffrey Rush , of whom she said: "Geoffrey's a great actor, I think because both of us have a background in theater we spoke the same language and we talked through the permutations and possibilities of every little tiny moment. Director Scott Hicks said: "I had seen Armin in Music Box and could see that he had immense power as an actor, but the attraction for me was that he doesn't exhibit that all the time.

He lets it seethe under the surface. He has the ability to be utterly charming as a character but you know underneath there's a time-bomb waiting to explode. It was the film's script that had first attracted German actor Armin Mueller-Stahl to the production. He said: "I had a few scripts on my table, but this was by far the best," he noted. It was screenwriter Jan Sardi 's screenplay which was the reason why director Scott Hicks was able to attract such a high caliber cast to the production, including legendary British these Sir John Gielgud.

Early on in the life of this project I had fantasized about how marvelous it would be if we could actually shoot those scenes between Parkes and David in London, at the Royal College of Music, and how fantastic it would be if someone like Sir John Gielgud would play Parkes. Years went by and it was tremendously exciting when Sir John did finally accept the role. He was full of ideas about how his character would be, what he would wear and he even brought certain items of his own wardrobe with him!.


He had amazing vitality and energy and a depth of complexity in his performance that few actors ever achieve. Producer Jane Scott commented: "It's to director Scott Hicks 's great credit that he was able to work with this extraordinary cast with such confidence. Not everyone would be able to step up in front of Sir John Gielgud and not feel a little nervous, but Scott was always very much at ease. Production on the picture began in London in England, UK in April of , and the two week shoot there proved to be very demanding as pre-planning from Australia was difficult.

Producer Jane Scott commented: "It was extremely hard work moving across the world to start filming in London, but we wanted to give it that flavor of reality. We know we're there, there's no doubt about it and that's very important. At the time though, it was very challenging. Cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson helped the production immeasurably.

Out Of Tune: David Helfgott and the Myth of Shine - Herbal Remedies Books

Director Scott Hicks said: "Geoffrey and I have worked together several times in the past and have a very strong relationship. He is an absolute perfectionist and a very skilled artist. I have a strong visual sense of how I want things to look for dramatic purposes. Geoffrey is able to turn that into fantastic pictures with either the moodiest of lighting, or a softer, gentler look for a more romantic situation. With the London shoot complete, director Scott Hicks and cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson then undertook seven weeks of principal photography at over forty locations in and around Adelaide.

There were a number of scenes in the film that were very much like David Helfgott 's mind: very fragmented," said cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson. For instance, in one of the scenes, we are looking over a shoulder and purposefully block a bit of the other faces. We get tighter and tighter and end with a frame composed of just one of David's eyes.

It was this ability of the entire creative team to get inside the head and heart of musician David Helfgott that defined this picture. Director Scott Hicks said: "The film is a story about the power of love, both to destroy, and to redeem. It is this emotional current which underscores the drama and explores areas of human experience that we are all touched by. I believe that an audience wants to be taken on an emotional journey and that's what I attempted to do.

SHINE 20th anniversary with Geoffrey Rush, David Helfgott

Director Scott Hicks and cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson had previously both collaborated on such film productions as Freedom , the same year's Festival of Mirrors , and Call Me Mr. Brown Producer Jane Scott and cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson had previously both collaborated on another feature film, another South Australian production, the suspense-mystery-thriller The Survivor The original newspaper article that caught the attention of director Scott Hicks , and represents the first origins of the film, was first published in , exactly a decade before the film debuted.

Filmmaker Scott Hicks saw the article, and was so intrigued that he canceled a birthday dinner with his wife to hear Helfgott perform.

Thus began a 10 year process that culminated in the creation of 'Shine'. Though both English actresses, this movie was the only ever theatrical feature film where both Lynn Redgrave and Googie Withers both appear. First film directed by Scott Hicks to be nominated for an Academy Award with seven Oscar nominations and one win in The second would be for Snow Falling on Cedars which in the year was nominated for Best Cinematography for its cinematographer Robert Richardson. Third film which has been filmed in South Australia to be nominated for any Academy Awards with seven Oscar nominations and one win in The pair also had previously appeared in at least two of the same television episodes, one in the s and one in the s.

As such, the two both appeared in the same filmed production in four consecutive decades with the last being in Loisto Actors John Gielgud and Armin Mueller-Stahl had about four years earlier both previously appeared in the theatrical feature film Yksin kaikkia vastaan Loisto is an Australian feature film.

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Ironically, Yksin kaikkia vastaan also has an Australian connection, as it was based on a novel by Australian resident novelist Bryce Courtenay. The film's working title was "Flight of the Bumble Bee". In , a 'Transformers' movie would be made and released with the title of Bumblebee The film won two awards at the Toronto International Film Festival in Is this interesting? Brown and then went on to edit his feature film Sebastian and the Sparrow Karmel also has later edited two other Hicks theatrical feature films after Loisto : Hearts in Atlantis and No Reservations The sister of pianist and musician David Helfgott , who is the subject of this film, later wrote a book about the movie.

Margaret Helfgott authored 'Out Of Tune: David Helfgott and the Myth of Shine' which was first published on 17th September which was about two and a half years after the film had premiered on 21st January Director Scott Hicks has responded to this book by saying: "I maintain that all of the actions of the character Peter Helfgott have their origins in real events.

Since this dramatic theatrical feature film, director Scott Hicks has directed such other music themed feature documentaries as Highly Strung and Philip Glassin maailma Stalin, Mao, and table tennis 8. Peter and David argue and make up 9. David in London a story that cannot be fully told London life triumph and tragedy Descent into illness A first marriage: the story of Claire My father's final years The road to rehabilitation The Making of Shine Dramatic distortions in Shine Cheapening the Holocaust Medical organizations attack Shine David's World Tour: classical music's hottest ticket David and Gillian A Small victory keeps the Shine study Guide out of Australian schools Righting the wrongs.

Notes Includes index. Other Form Print version Helfgott, Margaret.

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