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Can I build a permanent fire pit on my private property? Yes — the dimensions should be no larger than 3 feet inside diameter.

Oregon Flame

It should be made of rock, brick or similar non-combustible materials. What am I allowed to burn in my recreational fire? You can burn only dry firewood or use charcoal.

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Wood must be contained inside the fire container. Are there times I can't have a recreational fire? Recreational fires are not allowed during extreme dry weather or when windy conditions exist.

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You may still have a recreational fire even if it is a no burn day for backyard burning. Can I have a large bonfire on my private property?

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  7. No — your fire needs to stay small enough that it can be controlled. It may not be larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height from the deepest area. If you require a larger bonfire for a special one-time event , please contact the Fire District office for a permit and to schedule an inspection of the site.

    Large bonfires must be placed at least 50 feet from any structure. Can I have an open campfire on my private property? Campfires are a form of Recreational Fire outside the urban area City Limits.

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    The guidelines for campfires include the provisions that they are at least 25 feet away from any structure or other combustibles. You need to make sure the area around the fire is cleared of anything that could catch fire dry grass, dry brush.

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    Any conditions that could cause a fire to spread to a structure or field must be removed prior to ignition. The campfire has to be in a designated or self-made fire pit in a landscaped area — not in the woods. Can I use an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or chimenea on my residential property? Yes — it should be located at least 15 to 25 feet from a structure and needs to set on a non-combustible surface dirt, sand, bricks, cement, etc. The exception is clearance from structures and other combustible materials may be reduced to not less than 15 feet when burning is conducted in an approved burning appliance such as a burn barrel, or not less than 25 feet when the burn pile size is 1 cubic yard or less in diameter.

    Source Oregon Fire Code If a fire starts to spread to other combustible materials or threatens structures, call immediately. Department of Environmental Quality DEQ is responsible for establishing and enforcing the regulations pursuant to open burning and air quality. Accounts Payable.

    Department of Environmental Quality

    Fire Marshal's Office. Outdoor Burning. Master Fee Schedule. Public Records. Fire Protection Rating.

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    Reports will not result in immediate action. Information will be gathered and analyzed to identify areas of the community to target future education and enforcement efforts. Android: Click Here.

    Skip to Main Content. Eugene Springfield Fire FY Annual Report Read the most recent edition of the Annual Report for details about the service Eugene Springfield Fire provides to those we serve including the citizens of Eugene and Springfield, the ambulance service areas, and events that have taken place over the past year. You can find the PulsePoint app in your smartphone app center. The next application process will be April of , we will keep you posted.