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1/2 La Chouannerie (1793-1832) Révolution Française

The heart of its third part is made up of tales told during a vigil in a barn by Guoguelat, a former soldier in the armies of Napoleon. Balzac had a friend, Ferdinand de Grammont , who had knowledge in heraldry. De Grammont helped Balzac invent coats of arms for the various families of the writer's novels.

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The book was originally published as a serial in Le Constitutionnel. The novella grew in into a full-length novel, with a male poor relation, Pons, as its subject, whereas La Cousine Bette describes the female aspect of that subordinate relationship. The novels form a dyptych. Especially admired by Paul Bourget, it is one of the very greatest of his novels. He attends a dinner party in Paris.

A German guest named Hermann is asked to tell a story. Hermann's story occurs in in Andernach on the Rhine in Germany. At that time it was occupied by France. Two young French doctors from Beauvais arrive in the town to serve with the French regiment stationed there.

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They arrange to spend the night at an inn called the Red Inn, because of its colour. A German businessman named Walhenfer also arrives there to spend the night. The inn is full, and the only place for the three new arrivals to spend the night is in the main dining room. Over dinner Walhenfer confesses to the two young doctors The novel contains a minimal plot, focusing mostly on the metaphysical ideas of its boy-genius protagonist and his only friend eventually revealed to be Balzac himself.

Although it is not a significant example of the realist style for which Balzac became famous, the novel provides insight into the author's own childhood. Specific details and events from the author's life — including punishment from teachers and social ostracism — suggest a fictionalized autobiography.

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Balzac has a subtle way of approaching his plot indirectly and embedding a story within a story. The story is perhaps a common one of a wife trapped in a marriage, but is approached in an interesting manner. Condition: Good. A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition.

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All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Seller Inventory GI3N Book Description Bookking international, Condition: OKAZ. Seller Inventory O A Dun-le-Palestel, dans la Creuse, la maison de famille du narrateur en a si gros sur le c? French edition. Seller Rating:. Available From More Booksellers.

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About the Book. We're sorry; this specific copy is no longer available. AbeBooks has millions of books. We've listed similar copies below. Stock Image. It was the first book he published without a pseudonym. In a second edition was published under the name Les Chouans ou La Bretagne en It had been heavily revised, as per Balzac's style of constantly reworking texts, even after their release. In an attempt to please her, he changed some of the language in Les Chouans for its second edition. When the third edition was published in , Balzac was in love with his own creation. I had never really read it before.

Although in he discussed traveling to western France to write the book, it was never written.

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At the start of the novel, the Republican Commander Hulot is assaulted by Chouan forces, who convert dozens of conscripts. She is aided by a detective named Corentin. Eventually, Marie becomes smitten with her target. In defiance of Corentin and the Chouans whom she detests, she devises a plan to marry the Chouan leader. Fooled by Corentin into believing that Montauran loves her mortal enemy Madame du Gua, Marie orders Hulot to destroy the rebels.

She discovers her folly too late and tries, unsuccessfully, to save her husband the day after their marriage. Scott's influence is felt throughout the novel. Lengthy descriptions of the countryside are interrupted constantly by tangents explaining the history of Brittany and its people. The pastoral setting is integrated into the plot, particularly the guerrilla combat of the Chouans. Like the Mahicans of Cooper's novel, the Chouan insurgents are skilled at using their surroundings, coming out of the woods in more ways than one. Some critics claim that Balzac surpassed Scott in some respects.

In his introduction to the edition, poet and critic George Saintsbury writes that the character of Montauran enjoys "a freedom from the flatness which not infrequently characterizes Sir Walter's own good young men. Sans elle religion, l'histoire, le roman, l'art seraient inutiles. Without it religion, history, literature, and art would be useless. Because of its extended conversations, intricate descriptions and lengthy asides, the book is considered "heavy" by some critics.

The novel's feel is compounded by the lack of clarity on some points; some characters' motives are unclear even at the end, and the chaotic sequence of events is difficult to track. Although he venerated Scott's writing skill and use of history as backdrop, Balzac worked to more accurately depict the turbulence of the human heart — and its effect on history.

He considered Scott's view of women unrefined, and believed this led to a stale representation of human behavior as a result.

For this reason and owing to the florid descriptions of romantic elements , the novel has been compared to William Shakespeare 's play Romeo and Juliet. Both stories explore love among feuding parties; both involve vengeful, scheming individuals; and both end in tragedy for the newly-wed couple. Although Balzac himself did not marry until , he was fascinated by the subject. Soon after Les Chouans was published in , he released a treatise about the institution called Physiologie du Mariage.

His attention to the details of relationships — failed and successful — are woven into Les Chouans , and Marie herself is based on a woman with whom he had had an affair.