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Show More. When you draw down from the springs of Spirit, there are unlimited ways to heal.

A Healer Cleansed My Aura and Chakras. It Was as Odd as It Sounds.

Deep Roots Studio specializes in intuitive and spiritual guidance, whether in classes, energy healings, psychic readings, aura portraits , business mock-ups, or house clearings. In a session, I look at what validates your current growth, energy in your chakras and aura, and past life patterns.

Your Guides may give a shout out, or you may want a dream interpreted. Maybe your emotional, mental or creative spaces need some validation. This path has helped me find forgiveness, creativity and love that I couldn't have imagined, let alone pursued! Details here. Next one up is Monday, October 7. RSVP Monday morning please. All levels. RSVP please. Available as an mp3. Find yours in the offerings below! A step on your awakening path. There are seven of them found in the body:. Auras are magnetic fields that surround living beings.

They reflect the personal energy of the person they surround and, when read, can reveal their emotional and physical state. Auras are made up of seven different interrelated layers which reflect emotional, physical, astral, rational, and divine components of each person. Overview of aura reading:. Crystals interact with the energy around them and can act as conductors. You can use crystals for a variety of things, but the most popular use is to promote health and wellbeing.

Some gemstones have calming properties, some attract love, and others repel negative energy. Strategically placing certain stones around your home can attract certain energies into your life and encourages Chi — positive life force energy — to flow harmoniously. Overview of crystal healing:. Our friends at Psychic Source created this awesome guide so you can learn how energy healing works, which includes a ton of resources written by some of the top experts in the field. YogiApproved is featured in the guide as well, so be sure to check it out!

We will start with physical energy, as this is the one that is most easily measurable and understandable. Bridgette is an advisor at Psychic Source and has worked over 35 years as a psychic. The first step of this journey will be working on your own personal healing. You were put here for a purpose.

Course Objectives

So only one question remains: Are you ready to fulfill that purpose? You know what, while I began educating myself about the chakras over 20 years ago , learning about how to specifically work with and heal the chakras was not my first — and is certainly not my only — modality. Become the healer you were born to be. We learn from each other, taking what we need and making it our own.

How To Use The Energy of The Chakras To Heal Yourself - Anodea Judith

By being open to growing as healers, dedicated to our continuing education and exploration, we ensure that we are able to support our clients in the best, as well as the most unique, ways. If you feel drawn to this course, it may just belong in your toolkit! In it, we focus on healing and supporting the chakras because when you heal the chakras, the rest of the systems heal, too.

This healing system can be combined with absolutely any modality that you currently practice.

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And happy clients lead to more clients! Adding chakra healing to your skillset may just be the missing piece to take your healing practice to the next level. See yourself working one-on-one with clients in your area — or all over the world. If it starts to make you feel that kind up bubbling up, excited, tingly sensation deep in your stomach, that feeling you get when you know that something amazing could happen, then now is the perfect time to pursue becoming a Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner! Ask your questions and share your experiences.

I believe that the only things that limit us are the beliefs we hold about our lives and the world. It can be hard, on our heart and soul — and especially on our ego — to put ourselves out there as an expert, someone who can truly hold the space and be of service to others. It can be challenging even when we DO have ample experience trust me, I know.

I created this course to be a complete system for all of you special souls, you lightworkers and Earth Angels, on an important mission from Spirit to heal the Earth and her inhabitants. I designed and built it to be an easy to use remedy to the doubt and the fear that comes up for so many people who are meant to be healers.

I have devoted my life to learning everything I can about healing. So much so that I got extremely sick and was disabled in a wheelchair for years. I was backed into a corner and had to find my way out. Heal my way out.

I offer this course to you so that you may go out there and be the healer you were meant to be. Are you going to take the leap and begin your journey as a Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner? I am amazed at how different everything in my life is now, and all for the better. I realize so much more about myself and I am so very grateful to Tarin for teaching and showing me that I have my own inner light, strength, and power to heal anything…. She has helped me to realize my life purpose as a healer and has pushed me ahead on that path.

Aura Clearing, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healings Meetup

She has helped me to see that being a healer and lightworker, and having the courage to stand in my own power and own up to who I am truly meant to be, that this IS my life purpose. I am a single mom so it is very important for me to be able to provide for my children. This module covers Lessons 12 through 16, and includes the following topics:. This module covers Lessons 17 and 18, and includes the following topics:.

I strongly believe that there is a teacher for every student. When I was seeking out training to be a healer, I took a lot of classes. Full disclosure: At just one point I was enrolled in 21 different classes! I spent a lot of money and time over the years expanding my training. And I usually got something out of most of those classes. Paying hundreds of dollars for a wide-spaced page manual? Without any videos, illustrations, demonstrations, community — or instructor support? But at the end, you get a certificate! This is then making potential clients more and more skeptical and wary. Instead, invest in a course that sets you up to be a professional healing practitioner from day one.

Reiki helped me to heal from a disabling illness that had me in a wheelchair for years. But with the help of Reiki, I made a wonderful recovery! However, I have spent years honing my gifts and have trained to become a:. I have also been an Ordained Minister since as I believe the healing practices and support that I offer to my clients and students are an expression of our intrinsic spiritual nature. I have dedicated my life to learning all that I can about healing so that I may be of service to you on your journey.

Chakra and Aura Healing Diploma Course - Centre of Excellence

Tarin went above and beyond as a Reiki teacher…She always took the time to go through every detail and was very encouraging along the way …Tarin is so easy to talk to, explains things very well and makes Reiki fun and interesting! I hear you. Life can sort of pile up on you at times.

In that case, you should sit for an hour. And all of the busyness, all the lack of time, is just an illusion caused by, and further keeping you stuck in, an imbalanced state. I have been practicing self-healing for decades. Inevitably, when this happened, I would end up stressed and confused, with my priorities seriously warped.

One time a couple of years ago, I was talking to the angels and they urged my to return to my practice. Every moment that we work on our healing is a moment that returns dividends of health, peace, and balance to us. I can promise you one thing. As you may have noticed, things are shifting in the world. And there are so many people in need of what you have to offer as a healer — and they need it right now. No more excuses. Make the time and become a Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner today! Do you want to have access to the recommendations and the resources that you need to help your practice thrive?