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July Islam in der Moderne, Moderne im Islam.

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Ich will nicht mehr schweigen: Der Islam, der Westen und die Menschenrechte

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Im Fokus der Muslima - Islam und Menschenrechte - Ist dies vereinbar?

Seventh international conference on cultural attitudes towards culture and communication CATaC. Vancouver: University of British Columbia, June Oslo: University of Oslo, Nov. Copenhagen: Vilvorde Conference Centre, Oct. Jeddah: Effat University, 5 May Constituting Bodies of Islamic Knowledge. DOI: Important monograph that initiates a dialogue between Islamic law and human rights. It promotes the realization of human rights within the context of application of Islamic criminal and family law in Muslim states, and also covers some aspects of economic and social rights.

Bielefeldt, Heiner. This article engages with a plurality of Muslim positions in the area of human rights. Die Philosophie der Menschenrechte: Grundlagen eines weltweiten Freiheitsethos. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, This monumental work contains an extensive elaboration of the history and concepts of human rights. The central focus is a normative idea of human dignity, as generally defined in the categorical imperative.

Elliesie, Hatem, eds. New York: Peter Lang, This trilingual volume is a timely addition to the Islam and human rights debate. It consists of several chapters covering a range of topics that look into the various facets of Islam, human rights, and the practice of human rights in the Islamic world. Ellis, Mark S.

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