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Economic Espionage and Counterespionage in the U.S.

Our Latest Tweets. While countering extremist machinations and the fully developed terrorist threat remains at the forefront of security planning, the more insidious and potentially more costly threat remains that of industrial espionage. Not only do business competitors routinely engage in these illegal activities, but state-sponsored economic intelligence-gathering campaigns remain at the centre of national security agendas around the world.

In order to deter or neutralize this potentially ruinous form of attack, a nuanced approach is necessary.

Understanding Espionage Tradecraft

A world class counterespionage CE program must address not only standard physical security and evolving cyber threats, but also the venomous and low-tech threat of human-enabled espionage. Your security strategy must be a converged risk strategy which also applies robust counterespionage methodologies. Used by competitive intelligence CI firms as well as sophisticated transnational criminal elements, human espionage remains the most common form of industrial espionage. This will afford the source both the access and the long period of time required to collect the desired non-public information.

Add to this scenario the deliberate and targeted compromise of organizational and personal electronic devices by sophisticated cyber attacks, and a corporation is made even more vulnerable. Human-enabled industrial espionage leverages deception to obtain sensitive information through the use of pretext.

The convergence of cyber and human-enabled threats is difficult to defend against without applying a converged response.

Defending against only one of these methods of penetration will certainly point the attacker towards the other and thus an organization is breached. Most CE programs do not adequately address the human weaknesses in their workforce and it is this failure that costs the organization substantial loss of revenues, loss of research and development man-hours and loss of investor confidence.

Modern Diplomacy

While robust technical countermeasures provide a secure operating environment, they can be circumvented by an employee who has the motivation and ability to do so. This could also be done with multiple one-time penetrations each acquiring a different piece of the puzzle over the space of several weeks or months to be reconstructed with the luxury of time in a permissive setting. There are other examples of these cracks in the human firewall.

Corporate counter-intelligence is the overarching security concept used in building obstacles, sensitizing the workforce and training employees to prevent the spill or theft of proprietary information. This concept is not often converged or blended, but instead relies on the separate physical security, human resource and information security functions to defend against these threats. The book presents the insights of a former veteran of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

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The book examines the motives behind industrial espionage and illustrates the variety of spy tradecraft utilized. Outlining the day-to-day aspects of protecting sensitive data and trade secrets in a corporate security setting, this book is suitable for organizations that have proprietary information and assets to protect, businesses that have operations or partner with companies overseas such as China, organizations that work with the federal government on classified projects, security and counterespionage professionals, and university degree programs in Homeland Security and intelligence.

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