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You need more than physical presence or humorous anecdotes. You need more than a lunch partner or a colleague who will never share more than amusing political or social commentary. What you need is a friendship that is without pretense, and a friendship that is without the fear of expressing deep emotion.

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It is a friendship centered in a spiritual union of souls wherein nothing is to be considered too personal, too sacred, too outrageous, or too emotionally disturbing to be shared together. Discover a person or persons in your life who will know when something is not quite right, and that you need to talk. Discover a spiritual friend who will keep you anchored in your ministerial passion, and who will not let you become a mere cog in institutional religion. Discover that soul mate who can be open and honest with you in a way that is devoid of the pretense that tends to get in the way of the ministry you are called to do.

Spiritual Leadership as a Model for Implementing the Baldrige Performance Criteria

Until passion in one's ministry can be recovered, there will continue to be a crisis of the spirit in leadership. In making her point, she said that pain needs to be brought to speech, and that where there is no sharing of pain there can be no sense of community. To illustrate, Mary told the story about a new pastor in the church where her mother was an elder.

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Just prior to his first Sunday, the pastor went to visit Mary's mother and asked her, "If you could say one thing to me before I enter the pulpit of that great church on Sun day morning, what would it be? Each of us sits beside our own pool of tears.

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Church leaders are not exempt from this basic human condition. Some pools are deeper than others, to be sure, but all of us have a pool of our own. My pool of tears is certainly more shallow than many others', but it is still real for me. Recently I participated in the memorial service for a dear friend's father. As I spoke and shared my memories of a man who had been my next-door neighbor while I was growing up, my thoughts wandered to my own father's memorial service six years ago.

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My neighbor had died suddenly, like my father, and so I found myself sharing my own inner pain with my child hood friend, whose father went to bed alive and never awakened. We hugged, we cried, and we supported each other in our mutual loss. The stoic leader who chooses to avoid his or her inner pain will never be able to reach into the hearts of a congregation that needs to verbalize its pain. Dear Guest, Roundtable Asia is an exclusive event for Christian Business leaders and Professionals like you, that have a heart for missions and a desire to change this world for Jesus Christ.

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Because spiritual principles are timeless, we can learn to apply them to our own situations. About The Author. John Oswald Sanders was an international Christian preacher, missionary statesman, and prolific author for nearly seventy years and wrote over forty books on spiritual living.

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This respected Bible teacher and writer influenced Christians throughout the world for much of the twentieth century. He is primarily remembered Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:.