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To do this there is quite a bit of work involved and many pictures are rejected with reasons like: "sorry - we already have too many ones like this on our database"! Also, the microstock companies have quite an unfair system if they do actually take a picture. Most of them only display the best selling pictures at the top of the page, so as a newbie, you don't get to the top.

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Because of this I'd rather give my pictures away to non commercial projects and Non-Profit organizations. The only microstock company I really can recommend is Shutterstock my gallery.

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Their system is quite fair and you really sell some pictures there. Personally I think Fotolia is the worst and I quit there after 6 month and took all my pictures off. I think their system is very very unfair.

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Dreamstime is also OK but I sell more on Shutterstock. Next to every picture you will find the chosen license - to avoid any confusion. Non of the pictures includes a visible watermark or anything else disturbing. The license that is chosen for the majority of the pictures states:. Over time the collection will grow. Most pictures are available in a resolution of x or x pixels and should be suitable for most screens.

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Almost all the picture I do have in a resolution of x pixels 18 megapixels. If somebody has a question about the pictures please contact me under presse [at] bitblokes.

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  • If you create a non-commercial Linux distribution and you like the pictures or need them for something else even commercial - help yourself. Same is valid for animal welfare, environmental organisations and so on. They are of course also free for personal use.

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    In my collection you can find pictures of animals, underwater, macro and so on. Most of the photos are here because I like them :.

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    • If you like my work please share, donate and so on. Enjoy browsing through the galleries and I hope you will find a picture that will find a home on your desktop.

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