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Have you something to tell me? It seems rather expensive to me. Have you got some money?

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You must have a reason for telling me. I don't know whether this'll be of any use to you. Somebody's knocking at the door. Has anybody come?

See a Problem?

I hope you'll come again some day. I want to ask you some questions. Do you want to ask me any questions?

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Do you need anything else? He visits us now and then. Some people have no patience. He was out of breath when he got here. Es una persona de muchos alientos. He's a very energetic person. We have to lighten the load. Hurry up, it's late.

El testigo

This food's not nourishing enough. He enlisted in the Foreign Legion. We'd better get ready early because the train won't wait. There it is! He's up there waiting for you. Your friends are in there.

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Let's go that way. The village is beyond those trees. I saw 'em over there a while ago. Put it over there. His house is there on the right. She lives far from there. From there one could see perfectly. He says we should go that way. It's a town of people. My dear child! Lo siento en el alma. I'm terribly sorry. Lo voy a consultar con la almohada. I'm going to sleep on it i. They rented a house. Rooms for rent. They were sitting around the table. It cost about thirty pesos.

We have to make some changes in our plans. He showed signs of great emotion. There were disorders all over the country.

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His coming changed our lives completely. Don't get excited; it's nothing.

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  • What's that very tall building? He talked to a high official of the Treasury Department. Prices are very high in this store. Don't talk so loud. He returned very late at night. They live in the upper story of that house. The house is on top of the hill. We've overlooked many important facts. We stopped along the way to have lunch. The soldiers halted at the entrance to the town. I don't feel well at such a high altitude.

    The lighting's poor in this part of the city. The street lamps don't give enough light. Can you light the way?

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    He didn't raise his eyes from the book. They revolted against the government. He stole the money. In the summer it dawns earlier than in the winter. That guy's very embittered. He makes life miserable for everyone around him. He couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee. His misfortunes caused him great bitterness.

    They soon became friends. He made friends with John. He got acquainted there in a short time. We talked with the owner of the house. Don't tell the boss. He likes to talk of love. He's found a new love. Yes, darling.

    Novelas 2016

    He has too much pride. He was peeved by what you said. I want an enlargement of this photograph.

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    • They furnished the house very luxuriously. Do you think the road's wide enough for cars? This suit's too big for me.