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Year 13 Drama Presents: Revenge of the Amazons by Jean Betts

There they remained for thousands of years, becoming an increasingly violent and bitter society of mercenaries, manufacturing weapons and trading them with the men of the outside world. More recently, after several battles with Wonder Woman and the destruction of their city, the Bana-Mighdall Amazons were teleported to Themyscira by the witch-goddess Circe , where they first waged war against, and were finally integrated into the ranks of, the Amazons of Themyscira. Circa B. Brought to life from the souls of women whose lives had been cut short by the ignorance of men, the Amazons created a city-state in Greece called Themyscira.

Two Amazons were dubbed sister-queens—Hippolyta and Antiope—and they were given the magic Golden Girdles of Gaea as symbols of the trust the goddesses had placed in them. Tales of the courage and warrior skills of the mighty Amazons soon spread throughout Greece. Many, however, grew distrustful of this strange group of women who were said to have claimed to be superior to man, and began to spread negative rumors about the Amazons. Rather than carry on their mission, The Amazons withdrew into Themyscira and remained there until the day Hercules arrived with his army on a mission to steal Hippolyta's girdle.

After being defeated in battle by Hippolyta, Herakles planned a banquet for the Amazons, at which Antiope became charmed by Theseus , the legendary Greek hero that had accompanied Herakles on his mission. The banquet was, however, a ruse to sway the Amazons into a false sense of security. Herakles drugged Hippolyta's wine, stole her girdle, and ordered his troops to destroy Themyscira and enslave the proud Amazons.

In captivity, Hippolyta pleaded to the gods for vengeance, but was delivered from captivity by Athena only on the condition that she would turn away from the path of violence. After freeing her sisters, the Amazons fought for their freedom, but despite her protests, many Amazons fought with the bloodthirsty vengeance that Athena had forbidden—most notably Antiope.

Only Herakles and Theseus, who had left Themyscira earlier, escaped the wrath of the Amazons.


After the massacre, the Amazons split into two factions: those who felt allegiance to the Gods of Olympus stayed with Hippolyta, and those who desired revenge followed Antiope on a mission away from their destroyed city. Before she left her beloved sister, Antiope gave her Girdle of Gaea to Hippolyta, renouncing all ties to the Gods of Olympus.

Antiope's Amazons fought many bloody battles in Patriarch's World, exacting revenge for their mistreatment at the hands of men.

Tuesday 3 Excerpt from Revenge of the Amazons

When Antiope and her army came to the kingdom of Thebes to kill the great Theseus , she was met with a heartfelt apology and a proclamation of love from her former captor. Initially distrustful, Antiope eventually learned to reciprocate the love of Theseus and married him—and her Amazons were integrated into the army of Thebes. Many Amazons were uneasy with the union—especially Phthia, former princess of Lemnos and Antiope's protege.

Disaster came soon after the celebrated birth of Antiope's son Hippolytus.

Revenge of the Amazons

Determined to cause discord between the Amazons and man, the malevolent witch-goddess Circe sought out Ariadne, the unstable first wife of Theseus who had been sent away upon his marriage to Antiope. She manipulated Ariadne's mind and magically transported her to Antiope's bed chamber to murder her while she slept. Phthia was accused of the crime and jailed by Theseus' men when she accused them of murdering her queen. This angered the other Amazons, who freed Phthia and fought with her to wreak their misguided revenge upon Theseus' men. After securing the Girdle of Gaea that Herakles had stolen, and much bloodshed, the "Lost Tribe" of Amazons moved on from Greece, becoming a nomadic and barbarous group of marauders, determined never again to trust the likes of man.

After fighting with the Trojans against the Greeks in the Trojan War, the Amazons wandered for many years, eventually settling in the deserts of Egypt. There they built a great city of mosques and temples and called it Bana-Mighdall , which means "The Temple of Women" in the hybrid language of the lost tribe. The Amazons appealed to the goddesses of Egypt to grant them sanctuary, and their city became magically protected by a constant swirling sandstorm. Having renounced their immortality upon leaving Themyscira, the Amazons decided that the best way to continue their race was to kidnap men from surrounding cities for use in breeding.

Standing up to Amazon is expensive

Captive men were kept in breeding stables like animals and only called upon when their reproductive services were of need. Male babies were killed, but the female babies would be raised in the increasingly violent and war-loving ways of Bana-Mighdall. Thus the Amazons propagated themeselves. They became expert weaponsmiths, and dealt in arms trade with the world outside. It features a strong cast, a wicked sense of humor, and some inventively gory action sequences.

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  6. Starlight is repeatedly bullied and harassed by her fellow heroes, and is forced by parent company Vought to change everything about herself breast implants, a revealing new costume, a sexual assault backstory to fit their mold. In the end, I probably felt a bit guilty about Annie and ended up treating her a bit more responsibly as a result.

    In the Amazon series, Starlight is coerced into sex by The Deep Chace Crawford in a scene that is alluded to but not shown. Annie is encouraged in a teen workshop to spout talking points about the sins of homosexuality and pre-marital sex, but finds herself no longer drinking the Kool-Aid.

    When she takes the main stage to deliver a prepared speech about her faith, she finds herself going off book and calling out the hypocrisy of the evangelical community. She also opens up about her abuse, telling the live audience about her sexual assault. Instead of a story happening behind closed doors like everything had been, suddenly it was a story [Starlight] was speaking out about and [the Deep] was suffering publicly as a result.